Earth One Crossover Inevitable, Says Grant Morrison

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Grant Morrison, writer of Earth One: Wonder Woman, sees a connected future amongst this version of the DC Superheroes.

As a veteran DC writer with Batman, Superman, Animal Man, Green Lantern, and now Wonder Woman on his resume, that opinion carries weight.

Earth One – What Is Grant’s Opinion?

Over the past 11 years, DC has put out several Elseworlds-style hardover graphic novels under the lable “Earth-One,” starting with 2009’s Earth One: Superman by J. Michael Stracynski and Shane Davis.  With no continuity restrictions, Straczynski was free to put his own spin on Clark Kent’s personality, his relationships, and enemies.  This standalone approach – followed by two volumes – was joined by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Earth One: Batman, also with multiple volumes.  The Trinity was then completed by Morrison’s Earth One: Wonder Woman with art by Swamp Thing’s Yanick Paquette.  The line expanded with Earth One: Teen Titans and Earth One: Green Lantern.

The release of the third volume of Earth One: Wonder Woman marks the conclusion of his epic tale.  However, Morrison believes the inevitable shall happen, especially with how his Diana’s story spans centuries.

“Even though Yanick and I brought our story to a definite conclusion,” he explains, “there are clearly a thousand years in there between what we see happening in the current day and what we see in the [future.  I] mean, Diana is still operating in the future.  In fact, she seems to be an agent of the loving authority.  Somewhere in there, I think there’s room for all kinds of adventures with this Wonder Woman. We’ll be able to connect with the other characters, so I’m absolutely sure that will happen.”

There have been minor hiccups in DC’s release schedule, however.  The company missed a deadline for Straczynski’s Earth One: The Flash and artist/writer Francis Manapul’s Earth One: Aquaman. These titles have yet to be released.


An answer came last year by way of DC Publisher/CFO Jim Lee, who announced further titles were in development. “We are still publishing the Earth One series, they’re not just on a super regular schedule.  [Because we reached out to top creators and gave them the time to tell their stories.  Whenever they finish their projects, we take them, package them, and publish them.”

Stay tuned, for we may yet see an Earth One: Justice League coming if DC manages to get those titles released.

Original Source: Earth One Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman crossover inevitable according to Grant Morrison | GamesRadar+

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