Own He-Man’s POWER SWORD Limited Edition Replica

by JC Alvarez
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Hold in your hands one of the most powerful weapons in all of creation! He-Man’s POWER SWORD has been perfectly replicated by the prop masters at Factory Entertainment and is being made available to fans for a “limited time”! Unlock the power, now!

The 80s were defined by some of the most significantly influential pop-culture references that continue to inspire well into the new millennium, and among one of the most nostalgic emanations of that era is the broadly appealing Masters of the Universe collection of action figures from Mattel and the animated cartoon it helped popularize. The adventures of Eternia’s Prince Adam the wielder of a mighty sword that when held aloft transformed him into He-man “the most powerful man in the universe” dug itself deep and made an indelible impression on children, both boys and girls, around the world.

With his Power Sword, He-Man lead a group of heroes determined to keep the secrets of Castle Grayskull from falling to the sadistic whims of evil, who might have used the power of the magical fortress for their own fiendish means! Now thanks to the professional prop masters at Factory Entertainment anyone can own the legendary Power Sword but only for a Limited Series. The blade is crafted from stainless steel with a mirror-chrome finish and measures at an impressive 40” in full-length. The handle is wrapped in a brown leather and to add to its authenticity the metal guard features an antique foundry finish, heightening the realism.

Masters of the Universe POWER SWORD Limited Edition Prop Replica is scaled to measure at an impressive 40” long and is packaged in a full-color collector’s box with a display plaque for showing off your weapon. It’s available for a Limited Time from Factory Entertainment here.

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