Review: Batman: Black & White #5

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Batman: Black & White #5

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

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Reviewed by: Carl Bryan



“Hey cowardly and superstitious lot…I’m Robin!” – Robin

Batman: Black & White #5 – The penultimate issue of the acclaimed return to Batman Black & White is here with a look at some of Gotham City’s most twisted and compelling souls as Batman: Black & White continues!

In this auspicious issue:

• Superstar Batman artist Jorge Jimenez writes and illustrates a story starring Bruce and Damian Wayne as they try to prepare for a sting operation as Batman and Robin, with Damian questioning Bruce’s methods every step of the way.

• Multiple Eisner Award-winning writer of Detective Comics Mariko Tamaki and fan-favorite artist Emanuela Luppachino show what’s become of Gilda Dent, former bride of Two-Face and current scourge of super- villains.

• Jamal Campbell, acclaimed co-creator of Naomi and Green Lantern Jo Mullein from Far Sector, tells a story that spans the full history of Nightwing.

• Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the celebrated team behind Phonogram, Young Avengers, and The Wicked + the Devine, make their DC debut with a story that pits Batman against the Riddler in a way you’ve never seen before!

• And finally, legendary comics artist Lee Weeks writes and draws a story that has the ghosts of Jim Gordon’s past coming back to haunt him!



Here we are in the fifth issue of Black & White and the hits keep coming.  I would never attempt to spoil any of the stories as each are rich in both art and script.  However, Jorge Jimenez really puts a terrific Father and Son story together in this one.  From illustration to storyline, this one has it all.  The fact that he “gets it’ in his treatment of how much a parent may plan, kids have such a way of doing things “their way”.  If there was an Oscar in comics for “one shot stories”, this one would be THE nominee!


Positives 2.0

Jamal Campbell and Jo Mullein could not paint a better picture and story of Nightwing as they take us down a memory lane filled with all things that made Dick Grayson into the man he is today.  As Nightwing is taking the forefront this year with Tom Taylor at the reins, this story is so timely and so poignant

Kieron Gillen has me mesmerized with a Riddler tale that is worthy for any  reader.  Riddle me this…what makes a Riddler story complicated, yet so fun to read.  You have to check this out for yourself.  You literally can become lost in the story as you pick your own route and your own ending.  What a great concept for  treatment of a Riddler story.

Mariko Tamaki gives us a glimpse of a casualty in the creation of Two-Face….Gilda Dent…Harvey’s wife.  Powerful stuff in this one!  Not to mention,  Lee Weeks gritty work on a story from Jim Gordon’s past. 


Nope!  Nothing…a cynic would say a splash of color would be nice, but nope!  It’s BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE!


Obviously the medium works perfectly for telling Batman stories.  Everything from the duality of his identity to the lurking in the shadows of Gotham, nightlife in the city, and in the corners of the Bat Cave.  Short stories that satisfy in the nuggets they are intended to.  Art that is worthy of a gallery, and stories that are timeless.  That is what everyone wants out of a comic, and that is what this issue delivers!


5outof5 DC Comics News


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