Knightmares? Are we talking about that cool Batman sequence? Yes and no. We’re not talking about Snyder’s version in Justice League, we’re talking about the cool one from the video game. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced that a feature-length animated film will be based on the Injustice storyline. If you’re not familiar with what happens, well basically Superman goes all evil and tries to kill everybody and Batman tries to stop him.

This is the bad news though: we don’t know more than that. A press release for Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two revealed that in the special features there will be a sneak peek of the new film this summer. We all know the storyline, so we’ll see if they change it up or add more bits and pieces.

So what do you think of an Injustice film? Do you want it to stay totally true to the video games or do you want them to add in some spice? Let us know in the comments below!

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