‘In Blackest Night Out’ Fan Film Creator To Give Green Lantern Sequel Green Carpet Treatment

by Steve J. Ray
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In Blackest Night Out will be more than a sequel, as it will feature a veritable army of GLs!

Back in January, I had the privilege of announcing a fan film project, Green Lantern: In Brightest Day Off; written, directed by, and starring a man who I’m now proud to call a friend; the wonderful BZ “The Voice” Cullins.

Now BZ is back, and this time he’s bringing his friends!

That’s right, we’ll be seeing John Stewart again, plus all of Earth’s Green Lanterns: Jessica Cruz, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Simon Baz… and more!

This month In Brightest Day Off had its first showing on the big screen, and on June 25th 2021, In Blackest Night Out will get the Green Carpet treatment.

Check out IMDb‘s synopsis:

When Earth’s Green Lanterns get together for a monthly pow-wow, someone wants to crash the party.

To me, it sounds like whoever wasn’t invited isn’t happy about being left out, and they’re green with envy…


Here’s the full press release, direct from ReJoyce Media film, Para Bellum Productions LLC. and Rising Again Productions:

The Vision of Actor
BZ Cullins
takes Comic Book Fan-films
to a New Level with
“In Blackest Night Out”

The Vision and The Voice

Filming for BZ Cullins’ second independent short film based on his inescapable passion for Green Lantern comic book lore, In Blackest Night Out, wrapped as scheduled during the wee hours last Saturday morning. Cullins, an avid fan of the DC Comics franchise, began penning scenarios about what key ‘Lantern’ superheroes might do, out of costume, in non-major motion picture situations a few years ago.


When asked what inspired his latest installment of what a group of ‘Lanterns’ might get up to on a night off from superheroing, Cullins replied:


“When it’s all said and done, I’m just a comic book head creating stories for other comic book heads, about our favorite characters.”


As fate would have it, Cullins’ idea hit home with fellow enthusiasts turned Executive Producers, Scott Harris (Para Bellum Productions) and newcomer Sherry West (West Entertainment Artists’ Resource). Harris and West came onboard alongside Cullins, bringing a unique set of skill sets to add to his vision, perhaps changing the trajectory and perception of short films during a time when movie-going suffered greatly at the hands of a global pandemic.


Though In Blackest Night Out is roughly fifteen minutes in length, it has everything you would expect from a major motion picture – an all-star SAG-AFTRA cast, a music score, a soundtrack featuring established – as well as up-and-coming artists, music videos, movie merchandise, and a premiere at Las Vegas’ hippest new movie theater located in the heart of the city’s Art District. This is the short’s first stop as it heads out to the world stage via international film festivals.


The “In Blackest Night Out” Soundtrack which features the movie’s title song sung by Karla Moscato, also has original music melodies by Belgian concert jazz pianist Bachot Muna, and other contributions by Eada Breax, Ray Prim, Prophit Child Paul, and JBo ½ of the YoungBloodz. This collaboration of beats drops on all digital platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Pandora, iHearRadio, and YouTube Music Today, May 31st 2021.


The In Blackest Night Out movie features the acting talents of BZ Cullins, TJ Wimbs, John McClain, Ally Rodriguez, Gary House, Mark Justice, and Gus Langley. The film will premiere at The Art Houz Theater, located at 814 S. 3rd Street Las Vegas, NV 89101on Friday, June 25th. The VIP premiere starts at 7 pm followed by 7:45, 8:30, 9:15, and 10:00 pm showings. The movie’s themed merchandise along with music videos will be available through the In Blackest Night Out website:


from June 21st.

In Blackest Night Out is a ReJoyce Media film presented by Para Bellum Productions, LLC based out of Las Vegas, Nevada in association with W.E.A.R. Media Group, Los Angeles, CA and Rising Again Productions.

Images Courtesy of ReJoyce Media film, Para Bellum Productions LLC. and Rising Again Productions. Photos by Robert Swapp Photography. Graphics and Apparel by Rhyme and Reason International and W.E.A.R. Media Group.

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