Detective Comics #27 ‘s Cover Comic Story Revealed!

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Detective Comics #27 in 1939 displayed the first appearance of The Batman…and now that epic cover has a story to go along with it.


Detective Comics #27’s Cover Has An Origin Story?

The iconic Golden Age first appearance of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego has been recreated numerous times over the past 80-plus years. But now there is contemporary evidence of that moment in the Modern Age that is actual canon. And, appropriately, as was Batman’s first adventure, it’s a short story.

In Batman: Black And White #6, the final issue of that series, writer Scott Snyder and artist John Romita Jr. – one of his last before his contract with DC ended – produced the short story, “A Thousand Words.” The protagonist, a forensics photographer-turned-photojournalist reflects on how The Batman’s existence changed his life. Dubbed “Shutterbat” by Jim Gordon, he became known in the media for the quality of his photos of the Dark Knight, which numerous publications bought to add to their respective articles on The Dark Knight, albeit later editing them for different ends. Although not his favorite, Shutterbat’s most famous photo was…Batman dragging a hood to GCPD under his arm as he swung upwards to the roof.

Sound and look familiar?

Yes, Shutterbat snapped the iconic image that Bat-fans recognize as the first cover the Caped Crusader ever appeared on. As to his favorite image, it’s of Batman arriving on the roof with Jim looking up at him with hope.

Leave it to Scott Snyder to make Detective Comics’ immortal moment a part of Batman’s actual history.

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