Indie Comics Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #48

by Kendra Hale
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Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #48

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Publisher: Zenescope Comics

Story By: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini

Written By: Dave Franchini

Art By: Eman Casallos

Colors By: Jorge Cortes

Letters By: Tyler Esposito (Of Ghost Glyph Studios)

Review By: Kendra Hale 



Grimm Fairy Tales #48 gives us insight to the members of our teams and how they feel, not only individually, but also together. In issue #47 we saw Skye save Jasmine from a Nixie intent on snacks. Now the team has come together again to take on another of the escapees from the Dark Book.  Let us dive into the action. 

Sam is in the home base and rallies the troops to bring them back home because she has found the Bear creature they have been searching for.  Jasmine and Skye make their way to her in almost an instant, and the hunt is on. Discovering that he never left the city hits Skye hard as she feels regret for not knowing or searching hard enough in her own backyard. 

But upon meeting him again, the ladies notice immediately that things are far different this time.  The Bear creature may look like the same one they faced, but nothing about his manner is the same…and he has a friend to boot! 


Grimm Fairy Tales #48 has the same level of artwork that we have grown to expect from the series. It was genuinely a nice break to see each lady spill a bit of their own internal want for peace. For a small break of freedom. 

It honestly took me back to watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer when it was airing weekly, and seeing the weight of being the chosen one on her shoulders. Skye is feeling that a lot lately and that emotion is expressed beautifully. 



Usually there is nothing that stands out to me as a negative. But in this case Grimm Fairy Tales #48 has a glaring one on page 20. There is a discord that happens as Skye’s thoughts are done through the panels. She finishes one thought and then a panel or some narration seems to be missing as we jump into the middle of her next statement.  The reader ends up in the middle of her next statement and it is a jarring experience for the reader. 



One thing that is almost immediately apparent for this issue is that it is here solely to move the story along.  Readers get a promise however of much more to come in Grimm Fairy Tales #49 so we will wait to see if it dips back into the main story. The issue with page 20 aside, this was enjoyable, but I am waiting for that gut punch issue where everything feels like it is coming to a head. 




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