Jenna Dewan To Reprise Lucy Lane on “Superman & Lois” Season 2

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Jenna Dewan brings Lucy Lane to Smallville, Kansas to visit big sister Lois and family.

The dancer-turned-actress who had debuted as Lucy in the first season of Supergirl brings the character to Superman & Lois. Currently, Dewan is listed as a recurring regular on ABC’s The Rookie and will also serve as a judge on CBS’s Come Dance With Me reality series.

Jenna Dewan Brings Back Lucy – But What Do We Know About Lois’s Kid Sister?

In post-Crisis comics – the 1980s onward – Lucy went on a journey from flight attendant to following in her father’s footsteps in the military. However, she was sharply against Superman’s presence on Earth and, like General Sam Lane, exhibited xenophobic agendas against Kryptonians in general. This understandably put a strain on her relationship with her sister. Following the “War of The Supermen” storyline, she eventually became empowered by a mystical Kryptonian uniform that she began to operate with as Superwoman. This unfortunately led to her collapsing into insanity and incarceration while attempts were made to remove her metahuman abilities. This storyline was expunged via Flashpoint.

Dewan is the fourth actress to portray Lucy in a live-action project. Elizabeth Barondes and Roxanne Xal both portrayed the character in ABC’s Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. That version of Lucy’s claim to fame was dating John Corbin before he was transformed into the villain Metallo. She was later portrayed on Smallville by Peyton List, and that Lucy was estranged from her sister and on the run from the law. She returned in the tenth season alongside father Sam (Michael Irons) unannounced and tried to seduce Clark as part of Sam’s way of testing Lois’s boyfriend’s commitment to her. List would return to the DC Universe years later in the first season of The Flash as Golden Glider.

In season one of Supergirl, Lucy had come to National City as James Olsen’s ex-fiancee and a major in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps to prosecute J’Onn J’Onnz for impersonating the late Hank Henshaw. It is during this interrogation period that Kara was forced to reveal her identity to Lucy in a vain attempt to gain leniency for him. For a time she had replaced J’Onn as head of the D.E.O., and it was also during her stint that Kara first met Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) when he first breached to Earth-38. She has not been heard from since, nor even mentioned on Superman & Lois. Given the massive post-Crisis changes to the Arrowverse, it remains to be seen whether Lucy will be the same.

There is no official start date for the second season of Superman & Lois, nor when Dewan will appear as Lucy, at this time.

Official Source – Jenna Dewan to Reprise ‘Supergirl’ Role on ‘Superman & Lois’ – The Hollywood Reporter

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