Review: Nightwing #87

by Carl Bryan
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Review: Nightwing #87

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Bruno Redondo

Colors:   Adriano Lucas

Letters: Wes Abbott

Reviewed by: Carl Bryan


Someone’s broken into your apartment” – Oracle
“I know… she’s in there”
– Nightwing

Nightwing #87 – This special Nightwing issue is ONE CONTINUOUS IMAGE! if you placed every page next to each other, you’ll have one poster image with this story!

Now that billionaire Dick Grayson has publicly dedicated his funds to save Blüdhaven, he’s a wanted man—and that’s why he finds hired killers breaking in to steal his dog, Haley!


I love that the front panel of the story indicates what should be celebrated – Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo – STORYTELLERS!

After Robbi Rodriguez took control of the art reins for a while, I am elated that Taylor and Redondo are back as the impactful duo steering this Nightwing comic.

This issue is not only stellar in terms of how it tells the story of Dick Grayson being targeted to be taken out by Bludhaven’s underworld, but as a dog owner, we all have felt that “oh no” when say your dog runs out in the street, or escapes from her leash and is in any type of danger.

I read and re-read the issue to make sure (HUGE SPOILER) everything is going to be okay.  But given the darkness of any Batman tale, Nightwing doesn’t provide all that tragedy.  For every pet owner comic reader, Taylor reminds us of how much we love our little members of our family.

Haley has captured the hearts of Nightwing readers and you simply have to love this new power couple of Barbara and Dick.  They have bonded on a lot of different levels through the years, but Haley is the glue.  Cue the Beyonce music and “put a ring on it!”

Again, Redondo takes Taylor’s scripts and provides a river that flows so well in storytelling. This duo has taken it to a different level and it works so well.  Do I read and re-read each issue…yes! Is it arguably new each time?  Yes!

You find yourself examining each artistic move of each character.  It’s the ultimate in foreshadowing as you see instantly the story unfolding.  It’s simply great!


None… though if something had happened to Haley, then this would have been twenty or more paragraphs of disdain, tears, anger and despair. Taylor knows we have been through a LOT in all things Batman. He is allowing Nightwing and his stint on Jonathan Kent’s book to give a reader new optimism and light! Thank you so much!


I want this comic displayed in a comic museum.  The mere thought of walking through a display where you simply stand and observe how seamlessly this story flows in this manner would be breathtaking.  If you ever watched the Netflix series Daredevil, the comic reminds me of how the producers provide a “simple” one continuous take of a fight scene. This title is what is perfect about comics now.

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