HBO Max: Wonder Twins Movie Powers, ACTIVATE!

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HBO Max has given a greenlight on a Wonder Twins movie based on DC’s superhero siblings, and their space monkey, Gleek.

The streaming service has confirmed that a property focusing on Zan and Jayna will be joining the DC line alongside Black Canary and Batgirl. Assigned to direct – and write – the film is Adam Sztkykiel, who previously worked on Black Adam as screenwriter. His other writing credits include Scoob!Due Date, and Rampage. Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowden of Temple Hill productions (TwilightThe Fault in Our Stars) have been assigned as producers.

HBO MAX Greenlights The Wonder Twins – Who Are They, Again?!

Debuting in the 1970’s ABC animated The All-New Super Friends Power Hour, the Wonder Twins hail from the planet Exxor. With a fist bump – Did they pioneer that, by the way? – and the words said together, “Wonder Twin Powers Activate!” Zan can become anything water-based while his sister can assume the form of any animal. The popularity of the twins enabled them to transition into the seventh issue of pre-Crisis DC title Super-Friends in 1977. They returned Post-Crisis in 2020’s Wonder Twins series written by Mark Russell with artist Stephen Byrne.

However, HBO MAX’s project would not be the first time the twins have appeared in live-action. They made their debut in the eighth season of Smallville as a more grounded version of their comic counterparts. They were also teased at the end of the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths via Gleek escaping his cage off camera and the Super Friends theme in the background.

With the greenlight, casting is underway and any further information has yet to be determined.

Official Source – DC’s Wonder Twins Movie in the Works For HBO Max (

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