The Bat Cowl Collection: “Holy Walk-in Closet, Batman!”

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The Bat Cowl Collection debuted at the inaugural NFT LA Convention to a packed house. The collection is a collaboration of Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Palm NFT Studio.

Officiated by DC Publisher Jim Lee, the collection consists of 20,000 unique 3D-rendered interpretations of the Dark Knight’s mask. In his speech, Lee notes the symbolism of how the character has been interpreted and reinterpreted for over 80 years.

What’s exciting about this collaboration is that we are continuing the evolution of [Batman’s] distinctive Bat Cowl by bringing it into the modern digital world, making it accessible and more wildly engaging than before. Through the introduction of carefully curated colors, textures, and [upgrades. The] end results offer a take and taste for every kind of Batman fan out there.

This unveiling comes fresh on the heels of the worldwide box office success of Matt Reeves’The Batman. The film has managed to earn a global $349 million so far.

The Bat Cowl Collection – How Is It Unique, and How Much???

Palm NFT Studio is a tech company that collaborates with creative minds and entertainment companies to “onboard” them into NFTs (non-fungible-token) and Web3. For this collection’s development, they have employed the services of Daz3D, best known for launching and supporting NFT endeavors such as CloneX by Murakami, the Friendship Box  NFT for Coca-Cola, and NFT projects for Non-Fungible People.

CSO of Daz3d Preston Woo added:

We are thrilled to collaborate with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC, and Palm NFT Studio in launching this truly innovative [project. Not] only does this collection break new ground in terms of design and scale of 3D generative art, but it also provides fans with the ultimate VIP access to the DC Universe.

The versatility of the collection is expected to tap into the fans’ distinctive tastes in how they feel Batman should look. At best, its aim is to be more than just a set of collectibles. The variety of choices this collection offers, courtesy of NFT, will allow fans to create their own identities in the DC Universe.

Matt Mason, Chief Content Officer of Palm NFT Studio, envisions this project as a watershed moment for the company.

The Bat Cowl Collection brings digital social objects to a new audience, showcasing what NFTs can be, what they can do, and how they can be used to tell stories in new ways. [Our platform] is built for brands as iconic as Batman to leverage the magic of Web3, keeping the crypto complexity under the hood to deliver a seamless fan experience in a way that is both environmentally sustainable and scalable.

With a two-year plan mapped out, there will be a private DC fan forum with exclusive behind-the-scenes content physical collectibles, planned fan events, and more. What’s more exciting is that DC intends to integrate this collection into future Batman stories.

Josh Hackbarth: Head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros.

The Bat Cowl Collection aims to redefine the NFT experience offering up unparalleled opportunities to one of the studio’s most beloved franchises. Through the best-in-class, fan-first approach to the development of NFT’s, we believe the Bat Cowl Collection will allow collectors to deepen their connection with Batman and the DC Universe while embracing their fandom in the growing metaverse ecosystem.

To date, the price tag for this collection is $300 USD each, with upgrades available at

Official Source – The Bat Cowl Collection: One Epic Drop | DC (

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