DCN Cosplay Spotlight: BLACKBEARD DAD

by Joshua Raynor
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Welcome to the latest edition of DCN Cosplay Spotlight, where I talk to some very talented people in the wonderful world of cosplay.  For this edition, I had the pleasure of talking with the very talented Blackbeard Dad. We discussed his journey into cosplay, his amazing portrayal of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and so much more. Check out our interview below and enjoy!

DC COMICS NEWS: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from originally?

BLACKBEARD DAD: I was born in Queens, NY but have lived in Florida for most of my life.

DCN: What was your first ever cosplay project?

BD: Aside from DIY closet cosplays, the first cosplay I got serious about was my Amazing Spider-Man. The suit was tailored to my dimensions, I puff painted and made the suit ready for conventions. 

Photo Credit: Seer Cosplay

DCN: You’ve managed to put together an amazing Jason Momoa/Aquaman cosplay. What is it, for you, about this character in particular that made you want to create a cosplay?

BD: After first seeing him in Game of Thrones as a Dothraki, it sparked my interest to cosplay this version of Momoa, but I never got around to it. After seeing he was cast as Aquaman for Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman & Justice League, I felt like I had to jump on top of this.

Photo Credit: JoeyRedHood.22 (Instagram)

Photo Credit: Tristan Dudine Photography

DCN: With the growing popularity around this character, have you felt any added pressure to portray him right? 

BD: If we are talking about Momoa himself, it wasn’t difficult to step into this role. He’s a family man, loves his kids, loves the outdoors, and loves to have fun. If we are talking about Aquaman, there are many different versions to portray. I just hope I did him justice. 

DCN: How long does it typically take you to put a cosplay together? Which one took you the longest to complete?

BD: So the tattoo version probably takes the longest. They are self-applied temporary tattoos (from Frenzy Flare) that can take up to an hour. That’s not including the wig/makeup etc.

The gold suit is a bit quicker (RVProps) but there are a lot of modifications I need to make. 

Photo Credit: Rams Design

DCN: What is it about cosplay that calls to you?

BD: What drew me in, honestly, was the community. It’s such a high-energy, positive, loving community that I wanted to be a part of. It’s a great feeling to know your race, age, gender, body type, etc., doesn’t define who you can be. Cosplay is for everyone.

DCN: Do you have a favorite memory or story while cosplaying?

BD: Not one that comes to mind, but I did enjoy the time I spent volunteering at Give Kids The World and other events. The look on kids’ faces when they realize their favorite superhero is standing right in front of them is priceless.

DCN: Outside of cosplay do you have any other interests/hobbies?

BD: I work full time and have my two daughters every other day, so when I’m not busy with them, I’m either at the gym, beach or out for a drink with good company.

DCN: How do your friends and family feel about you cosplaying?  Are they supportive?

BD: They love it. My mother and sister have supported me since day one. (Love you Mita and Steph) The friends I’ve made over the years have the same energy. Love each and every one of them and wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all of them.

DCN: Do you have a pet peeve when it comes to cosplay?

BD: Honestly, it’s the people that are in it for hidden agendas. I don’t tolerate bullying in any form, whether it’s at a con or on social media. Just let people do them and have fun with the community. It’s really not that serious.

DCN: Do you have any cosplays you will never do and why?

BD: I’ve never ruled out a cosplay before, not about to start today.

DCN: Why do you think cosplay has become so popular in recent years?

BD: The fandom is growing, pop culture is evolving, and I think people get a high off being characters they would love to portray. Even seeing non-cosplayers at Halloween events, they get into character. A lot of people are cosplayers and they don’t even know it.

Photo Credit: Jeff Jenkins Photography

DCN: Which DC character, if any, may we see next from you? 

BD: Haha. Shhhhh… 

DCN: Thanks so much for your time!  Let our fans know where they can find you.

BD: Of course! Thank you for having me! Find me on Instagram at blackbeard.dad

Once again, I’d like to give a special thank you to Blackbeard Dad for taking the time to do this interview. Please be sure to check out his work on social media and support this very talented cosplayer!

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