Crazy Jane Gets Costume Change Thanks To HBO Show

by Brad Filicky
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Crazy Jane of the Doom Patrol is getting a makeover for the new limited series Unstoppable Doom Patrol and fans of the HBOMax series may recognize her look.

In a recent interview  Doom Patrol artist Chris Burnham explained “Visually, we’re taking notes from the show,” he explained, joking that the comic would be like the HBO series but better. “They drive the same bus as on the show. Crazy Jane’s outfit is similar to what she looks like on the show. It’s all part of the visuals too.”

“I think a lot of the [same] themes are always there,” writer Dennis Culver added. “That overarching theme with the Doom Patrol dealing with their trauma and processing it carries through a lot of the older Doom Patrol series… [In our series,] they’ve done a lot of the internal work. They’re not perfect, but I think when you get to that place where you’ve dealt with your own shit, the next thing you want to do is help other people. That’s our mentality. Looking at the Doom Patrol TV show, this is really a logical progression because in that current season they’re getting more serious about becoming superheroes. I think [with] our book, you can say they’ve been a little serious about it for a while. It feels like it can connect if you squint your eyes.”

This is a testament to how influential the show has become.  Although it’s ending after season 4, Doom Patrol has become a cult hit. The show’s audience may not be huge, but the fans are passionate. Fans love Diane Guerrero’s take on Crazy Jane. It’s nice to see that the show will have a legacy that spreads into the comics. If you haven’t watched the show, now’s the time. If you haven’t read the comics start with Unstoppable Doom Patrol .

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