Steve Agee Will Appear In Upcoming DC Project

by Brad Filicky
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We haven’t seen the last of Steve Agee in DC films. Agee will appear in an upcoming DC project. DC Studios co-chair James Gunn took to social media to wish his friend a happy birthday, saying, “Happy Birthday to my great friend & collaborator & peak Economos (who you’ll see sooner than you think), ⁦[Steve Agee]⁩. Love you, buddy!”

At this point it seems we will definitely be in the upcoming Peacemaker spin off Waller. What makes Gunn’s statement interesting is the “sooner than you think” part. We know that Creature Commandos is a spin off of The Suicide Squad because it will feature Weasel and the casting is pretty much complete. It seems like Creatures is a safe bet. However, it could be fun to speculate.

The next film on the DC docket is Shazam Fury of the Gods. It seems pretty unlikely that Steve Agee would appear in the Shazam sequel, especially in a film that we know has cameos. A recent TV spot featured Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. The Flash? Also doubtful since this is another film full of cameos. And Keaton’s Batman. Blue Beetle? Maybe. The Beetle is a more street level heros so it makes more sense. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Also unlikely given that a lot of the action will take place in the ocean and outside the jurisdiction of the US government.

Wherever we see him, it will be nice to have him back. His comic timing as John Economos is second to none. James’ Gunn vision will generally include humor so he can be an ace in the hole. As the new DCU begins to come in to focus we will se just where and how he fits in, but i have a feeling we will be seeing more of Steve Agee and John Economos.

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