Review: My Adventures With Superman 1×03 – “My Interview With Superman”

by Steven Brown
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Review: My Adventures With Superman 1×03 – “My Interview With Superman”

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Director: Jen Bennett

Writer: Aman Adumer

Starring: Jack Quaid, Alice Lee, Ishmel Sahid, Lucas Grabeel, Melanie Minichino, Kenna Ramsey, Catherine Taber, Vincent Tong


Reviewed by: Steven Brown



My Adventures With Superman 1×03: Lois wants to interview Superman and Clark must figure out how to help her while protecting his secret identity. Meanwhile, criminal ring INTERGANG gets their hands on unstable weapons, and a mysterious organization plots in the shadows.


Lois Lane’s determination to get an interview with Superman is one of the best parts of this episode and creates some amazingly humorous moments, especially considering the fact that she’s working right next to him as Clark Kent! It’s funny seeing Clark attempting to help Lois snag this interview, all the while trying to keep his secret hidden.

Intergang makes an appearance, but rather than being a mafia-type organization, they seem to be a bunch of teenagers who happen to have some very powerful weaponry. We don’t know yet how or when these teens got these weapons, but they’re enough to give Superman some problems.



I have no complaints about this episode.


Overall, I thought My Adventures With Superman 1×03 was a great episode, with plenty of action and some funny scenes throughout. This version of Lois and Jimmy are slowly becoming some of my favorite iterations of their characters. It seems that they might be going the route of Superman’s secret being revealed earlier in this season than in previous shows before. If they do go that route, I’m eager to see how the story goes with Lois, Jimmy, and Clark, and what it means for their friendship. At the end of the episode, Intergang seems to meet with someone who has plans for Superman. Hopefully, this will be revealed in the next episode.


Score: 5/5


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