Review: Titans #4
[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer:  Tom Taylor
Art: Nicola Scott
Colors: Annette Kwok
Letters:  Wes Abbott


Reviewed by:  Matthew B.  Lloyd



Three plotlines interweave in Titans #4: Wally’s fate, Gar’s concern for Borneo and the fallout from last issue’s encounter with the Church of Eternity.


It’s not clear exactly why, but in Titans #4, but Taylor makes the reader feel like one REALLY is experiencing a group of friends that have been so since childhood and are experiencing adulthood together as well.  There are little details like Linda Park West showing up, Babs in the mix and the change Beast Boy feels about the Titans making a bigger statement than simply punching evil in the face.  There’s a palpable maturity to the characters.

As always, Nicola Scott makes the book look great.  She captures some subtle emotions especially when Garth and Linda greet each other and when Wally protests being kept on the sidelines.  Taylor hits the readers with a big surprise that connects back to the previous issue, and if you have forgotten the surprise from that issue and this one will hit harder.


The inclusion of the Suicide Squad and Amanda Waller detracts from the other aspects of the issue.  While Taylor has set them up as the big adversary since issue #1, if you’re not a fan it feels like wasted space.  There are three other plot threads that all have more going for them.  This space could’ve been used to push one of the other plot lines forward with more urgency.


Titans #4 bogs down a little bit despite having some really interesting and satisfying moments.  There are lots of good ideas at play in this series, but the Suicide Squad pages in this issue could’ve been used more effectively.  Overall, it’s satisfying to see the Titans feel like old friends readers have grown up with.



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