Arrow: Who Is ‘Lisa’?

Fans of the CW series Arrow will know that Oliver Queen is quite the ladies’ man. Of course, as a billionaire playboy, this kind of comes with the territory. The show has reached the end of its first season, but the troubles of the heart are far from over for Ollie, according to a Spoiler TV article posted about the show last week.

ComicBookMovie recently brought the revelation to light, stating that an audition was being held for a character called ‘Lisa.’ Likely a code name for an already existing DC Universe character, very little is revealed about who the character actually is. All Arrow fans can do right now is speculate, with no necessary guarantees that the character will have ever had a relationship with Oliver in the comics, or even that it isn’t an entirely new creation. After all, Rachel Dawes of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight was a creation of that specific story, and served as an awesome love interest.

Have any theories on just who this mystery woman might be? Put ’em down below, and if one of them turns out to be right, well, you’ll have posted it here first.

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