Batman: Arkham Origins Interactive Graphic Novel Coming to iPhone

A Batman: Arkham Origins interactive graphic novel is coming to the iOS store today. Batman: Arkham Origins – A DC2 Multiverse Graphic Novel seeks to merge gaming with graphic novels by allowing the reader choose the path of Batman and other characters at crucial points in the story. This type of storytelling allows for the reader to determine and experience different endings for each storyline and character (similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure novels).

The game/comic, which was unveiled at the beginning of Time Warner’s “The Future of Storytelling” conference, also includes dynamic artwork (akin to motion comics), a soundtrack, and some sound effects. Batman: Arkham Origins – A DC2 Multiverse Graphic Novel is written by Adam Beechen with artwork by Christian Duce, and can be purchased either as a whole, or as individual chapters, with new chapters being released every two weeks over the next four months.


Source: Newsarama