Arrow and Flash crossovers.

With the hype and the build up to San Diago Comic Con it can only mean one thing, more info about the two vigilantes coming to our screens. With Arrow returning for its third season and the new comer The Flash hitting our screens later this year peoples evening will be occupied by a whole host of shows.
With recent casting news for Arrow like Brandon Routh being cast as Roy Palmer, also known as The Atom, and Devon Aoki cast as Katana hype for the show couldn’t be any higher until the long awaited image of Roy Harper as Arsenal was released. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that the introduction of Brandon Routh will add more humour to the show. Kreisberg said “It’s part of the reason why we brought Brandon Routh in [as Ray Palmer]… He’ll be invading Oliver’s life in every aspect, whether it’s his business, his personal life and possibly down the road in his night-time activities.”

The Flash will be joining Arrow this Fall on the CW and like Arrow The Flash has made a few big name additions to its cast. With the like of Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller joining the cast as Captain Cold and The Tomorrow People’s Robbie Amell being cast as Firestorm.

To go with the new cast there were also mentions to crossovers between the two shows. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said that there would be cameos from character from Arrow in The Flash. With the likes of Oliver making an appearance in the first episode and even Felicity gets to visit Central City.

The Flash is set to premier on October 7 later this year along with Arrow on the 8 of October.

Source: ScreenRant