Beautiful Harley Quinn #16 Variants

Harley Quinn’s solo series has been clearing off the racks at the comic book stores. It is a book that is getting put on more and more pull lists all the time. It is clear why Harley Quinn is as popular as she is in the DCU. February wrapped up the DC Harley Quinn variant month in which Harley graced the covers of many of the running DC titles. Margot Robbie will soon be bringing Harley to the big screen in Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn’s star is irrefutably on the rise.

When Harley Quinn #16 hits shelves in April, a beautiful spread of three covers can be combined to create a full scene of fun. And when the full scene is revealed, you can clearly see that The Gang of Harleys is coming in full force.

Harley Quinn #16 Full Scene

I would suggest finding and picking up all three of these as soon as they come out. The Harley Quinn variant covers have been stunning and therefore have been hard to come by. Everybody who found the Adam Hughes variant early on knows what I mean.

Pick up Harley Quinn #16 April 1st.

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