A Shockingly Good Static Shock Fan Film

The news that Jaden Smith (After Earth) is to play Static Shock in a live action series developed by Warner Bros. is still pretty hot off the press, but Smith isn’t the first person to take on the role of Virgil Hawkins.

Electrogenesis is a fantastic fanfilm written by Leon Langford, directed by Harjus Singh, produced by Gabrielle Shepard and starring Kee Seymore as Virgil. The film perfectly balances action with story, and has visual effects so good that you forget it’s a fanfilm.

Check it out below!

Electrogenesis: A Static Shock Fan Film. Our film follows Virgil Hawkins at a time where he is not Static. A time between being just a normal teenager and a leader within the Justice League. It’s a journey of a man who has forgotten his destiny, to his revival as the hero he was always meant to be.