Mark Hamill Requests to Voice the Joker In The Killing Joke

If you are as much of a Mark Hamill fan with his portrayal of the Joker and wonderful voice acting. This makes two of us. If you haven’t heard what is coming out soon, it is the animated film Batman:The Killing Joke! In some posts exchanged between Mark Hamill and Randall Conger-Best’s Twitter posts. Randall  – a fellow fan of Mark Hamill, tweets to Mark Hamill,

randall_tweet Mark_tweet










Of course this is a great opportunity for Mark Hamill to keep the Joker alive for this generation and more to come. Even with their being great debate upon whether or not the Batman: Killing Joke is one of the greatest portrayals of the strong characters such as Barbra Gordon, and many others with this series being extremely challenging and truly pushes the boundaries of how far the iconic Joker can take it before people start to riot the streets of Gotham. And by Gotham I mean DC’s front door. So it is no big surprise that even Mark Hamill is itching to get back at his old clown ways and give the Bats and Gotham a new Joke. The film is set to come out in 2016.

Brandon Richardson

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