Superman Unchained #2′s variant cover artists revealed and Jim Lee has a special message on the #3 cover

Superman Unchained #1 debuted last week with the team of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.  There was lots of hype about this title with the free comic book day preview, the teaser of the images, the fold-out poster in issue #1, and the variant covers to honor the 75th anniversary of Superman.  Besides the new reveals in issue #1 and the ending, last week set the stage of what is coming up next for Superman Unchained.  More variant covers to honor the 75h anniversary:

• 1:300 B&W Variant cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams

• 1:100 75th Anniversary 1930s Variant cover by John Paul Leon

• 1:75 75th Anniversary Golden Age Variant cover by Gary Frank

• 1:50 75th Anniversary Silver Age Variant cover by Yanick Paquette

• 1:50 75th Anniversary Bronze Age Variant cover by Victor Ibañez

• 1:25 75th Anniversary Modern Age Variant cover by Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

• 1:25 75th Anniversary Superman Reborn Variant cover by Jon Bogdanove

•  1:25 variant 75th Anniversary Villains Variant cover featuring The Parasite by Rafael Albuquerque

• 75th Anniversary New 52 Variant cover by Nicola Scott for retailers who order greater than 150% or more of their orders of JUSTICE LEAGUE #12.

As well as Jim Lee has a hidden message to his in the revealed cover of #3 now:


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Source: Bleeding Cool