PREVIEWS: Earth 2 #15

by Brendon Lane Carlson
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The Apokolips characters continue to be added to the Earth 2 mytho.   Brutale was introduced last issue, and the build up to something big continues.  Questions still remain if the plans that James Robinson had for the event in 2014 will continue with Tom Taylor taking over this title, however the action will be nonstop for sure.  The substories of Mr. Miracle, the mystery of the new Batman, the references to the pre-Flashpoint members of the Justice Society, and more continue to add to this title.  What will happen this issue and how will it lead into next month’s tie-in to Villains Month with Earth 2 having Solomon Grundy and Desaad as issues.  Also what new heroes may be introduced next.  Until Wednesday, only James Robinson and Nicole Scott now that answer.

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Source:  CBR

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