ARROW: Nothing Better Than A Frenemy- Roy Harper’s Role & Barry Allen

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Andrew Kreisberg and Stephen Amell sits down to discuss season 2 of Arrow. Click the jump to see more.

Kreisberg talks about Alderman Sebastian Blood played by True Blood’s Kevin Alejandro, who is the rising star politician to represent the torn Glades.  Kreisberg adds that Oliver Queen and Sebastian Blood are the perfect frenemies. See below:

“One of the most interesting relationships [Oliver] has is with Sebastian Blood — who, if you’re into the comics, you can probably guess where that’s going. They start out as antagonists and then start to form this relationship as friends. And those are always the best villains to spring up, the ones who start as friends. There’s a lot of that this season — betrayal amongst people, a lot of things that aren’t what they seem.”

Let’s hope that the writers allow this is a rivalry to develop slowly over the season in order to feel organic. What the audience would not appreciate is a fast pace rivalry that will feels rushed similar to Arrow‘s season 2 episode 1 premiere. Moving forward, Stephen Amell discusses Roy Harper’s role and Barry Allen on Arrow with The Hollywood Reporter, see below:

What’s Roy Harper’s (Colton Haynes) journey like as he starts on his road to becoming Arrow’scolton-haynes-teen-wolf-imgsidekick? In this latest episode, Oliver even throws him a bone.

Colton’s killing it this year. We don’t have a ton of scenes together so when I see his stuff, I always find myself laughing. I think he brings a lot of humor to the Roy character. I’m just tossing him something — as the vigilante — that I consider not a meaningless job — in a future episode Oliver refers to him as “an errand boy” and I wouldn’t say that he just considers him to be an errand boy but it’s not that important of a job. But to Roy, it’s like he’s part of a team now. Oliver’s just trying to give him a purpose and hoping to keep him out of trouble. The elephant in the room is his proximity to Thea (Willa Holland), that’s what really worries Oliver. It’s the same reason he doesn’t reveal himself to Laurel and why he was so afraid to reveal himself to Tommy because proximity to the vigilante is dangerous. As Roy gets closer to the vigilante, Thea is in more and more danger. That’s eventually going to become a factor this year.

Grant (left) & Amell (right)

Grant (left) & Amell (right)

Lastly, what’s your take on this iteration of Barry Allen/Flash (Grant Gustin).

He’s a whippersnapper. He’s young, he’s enthusiastic, he’s not stupid. In fact, he’s incredibly smart. He’s a little naive and his level of enthusiasm and his penchant for problem-solving is something we’ve seen on the show with Felicity. Their characters are incredibly similar and as a result, have an instantaneous chemistry with one another and fondness for one another.

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Source- THR , TV Line 

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