Review: Red Lanterns #25

by Alexander Cerola
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Red Lanterns #25 continues to show the effects of the recent Green Lantern crossover, “Lights Out.” Guy Gardner, now official leader of the Red Lantern Corps has begun reshaping the Corps into a better force for vengeance, going so far as to suggest they take preemptive measures instead of being reactionary. Meanwhile, Atrocious continues to brood in space with his special little ball of rage, Dex-Starr.


Just another day...

Just another day… 

The Good

With Red Lanterns Skallox and Bleez emptying liters of alcohol into the gaping maul of Zilius Zox, and Gardner gifting Rankorr with some ‘universal’ advice, Charles Soule and Alessandro Vitti are shifting the perspective on the Red Lantern Corps. This situation mirrors a scene in a past DC title, Justice League: Cry for Justice. All the conniving and treachery was great, but seeing this from Guy Gardner’s perspective will be a great change. Charles Soule keeps keen on Guy’s façade; he’s still our loveable fire cracker but now’s he’s acting leader of the Red Lanterns as well, which is a role he’ll grow into as the series progresses.

Alessandro Vitti’s art doesn’t disappoint, with deep strokes and a heavy handed ‘carve’ to his pencils. Guy’s snarks, Atrocious pouts, and even Dex-Starr’s kitty-face are stylishly rendered with interesting perspective.

The Bad

The issue was good, but it simply didn’t pop. It’s a build up to the next Red Lanterns arc and that’s great. But Charles Soule leads readers on a bit of a false hope that the first hit on the Red Lanterns ‘Rage Tour 2013’ would be Earth, so as to demonstrate their dominance of the sector over the Green Lanterns, maybe even to help alleviate the terror going on in Forever Evil. It seems like wasted potential in a way, but none the less, this is the only true problem. Well, that and Atrocious now being left to stew in his rage-tears of defeat. It really seems like the character has lost sight of who he once was. He seems incredibly weak willed, constantly whiney, and always seeking out a weaker being to subjugate. Whatever happened to the proud flaming-blood-spewing warrior from the Final Crisis tie-in all those years ago?

Dex-Starr with the ego boost!

Dex-Starr with the ego boost!

Rating: rating4outof5 4/5

It’s a great issue with a soon to be evolving roster and character dynamic, so the issue is worth the $2.99 price tag. Charles Soule and Alessandro Vitti are going to show you a brand new Red Lantern Corps while still keeping to the basic idea of the series.

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