Injustice Year Two #1 Review


The prequel comic to the hit video game Injustice: Gods Among Us returns this week after taking a break kicking off a new year for the series with Injustice: Year Two.  Does it deliver with the same standards that the previous one set?


Tom Taylor keeps the same quality that he employed on the original series. Every character is well written, and with the cast expanding, Taylor is proving that he can juggle the large roster that the game established. What makes this issue unique is that it adds something completely new to the series. While the first series focused heavily on Batman and Superman, this one starts off with a heavy focus on Black Canary. Taylor shines while writing Canary and her bar fight with a group of bikers to defend Ollie is a blast. It’s great to see characters that seemed shoehorned into the series get a chance in the spotlight, and it might just be the most welcome thing in Injustice: Year Two. Plus, this is the best Canary on-page read in a long time.

Canary Bar Fight

However, it isn’t all fun and games. The serious moments are also fantastically written. Taylor nails the ending where she confronts Superman and it’s revealed that she’s pregnant and working with Oracle. It’s awesome to see Taylor work within the structure of the game, since it mentioned that Barbara Gordon was Oracle before taking up the Batgirl mantle. It shows that Taylor is respecting the established world while still doing his own thing.

Bruno Redondo’s pencils are great for the most part. It seems that there are higher production values this time around. Everything is cleaner than the sometimes choppy work in the original series. While the final list of artists hasn’t been announced for the series yet, it will be interesting to see who, if anyone, returns.

Ollie's Funeral


As great of a start as this is, there are some negatives. Some of the facial expressions look weird at times. It isn’t awful, mostly just a little distracting and awkward. Plus — being a digital first title with a smaller amount of content — it would be nice to see the number of pages increase ever so slightly. There’s a lot going on here that could have been expanded upon, like Canary’s conversation with Superman. A lot that happens, but it feels a little rushed because of the page count.

VERDICT: rating4outof5-300x51 4/5

Tom Taylor’s doing fantastic work at DC in general, but Injustice is his calling card. He continues his work filling in the story gaps with the best Black Canary since Gail Simone’s work on Birds of Prey. While it has flaws that can’t be help due to space constraints, it still is a great series. If you finished the original series, it’s time to start reading again.