The Flash and Arrow To Have Two Hour Crossover Episode This Year

by Anthony R. Ramirez
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When we all heard that The Flash series is going to be a spinoff from Arrow. The anticipation started to build as we wanted to see the scarlet speedster on screen. The next thing that came to our minds was the hope of seeing the two characters in a shared or crossover set of episodes. This year, it will happen!


TV Guide has announced that the two characters will have a two-hour crossover event featuring both Arrow and The Flash. Andrew Kreisberg who is the executive producer for both shows confirmed the crossover event even adding that it will happen on episode 8 of both shows. He also mentioned that Felicity (Emily Brett Rickards) will appear in The Flash episode 4.

The Scientist

With so many amazing announcements coming from both shows including a new cast of characters, how can we not be excited for both of these shows? Also, San Diego Comic Con is just days away and both shows are confirmed to be there. Who knows what exciting announcements they will have for both shows, but it is safe to say this crossover event is an early and very exciting announcement.

Are you excited about Arrow and The Flash teaming up for this crossover event? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: TV Guide

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