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TINY TITANS RETURN TO THE TREEHOUSE #3 by Art Baltazar & Franco is, well a bunch of….SHAZAM! (And that’s a good thing). Spotlight goes to Billy and Mary Batson this issue as Robin and the Tiny Titans seek out the Wizard Shazam to help them find their missing treehouse. And the wizard ultimately delivers…sorta…

Tiny Titans - Return To the Treehouse 003-002

This is always so refreshing and fun. There’s just little else you can say about this because it’s so fun and cute. The narrative of the Titans attempting to return to their treehouse has been wonderful light fun. This is the world where the Marvels belong, to be honest, and seeing them this way makes me realize how effective a Shazam cartoon show would be if it kept a very light atmosphere. Actually a Tiny Titans TV show would be amazing.


As you can well expect; this is full of digression, and it’s ridiculously cute. Here are some highlights cause there’s just no use to me blabbing about it when you can see it for yourself!

Tiny Titans - Return To the Treehouse 003-007

Tiny Titans - Return To the Treehouse 003-010Also bonus points for Hoppy The Marvel Bunny and Batcow. Also Robin and Mary Marvel changing Freddie into Aquaman, Catwoman, Clayface, and a chocolate milk-shake.


None. There are no negatives here aside from there not being more than there is. Baltazar and Franco can do no wrong. Buy all the copies! AW YEAH TITANS! I am, as you can tell, admittedly biased. This is really fun stuff, and is something DC doesn’t do nearly enough nor push hard enough. Kids make up a huge portion of their merchandise buying power and if DC had more content like this at their disposal (aside from Teen Titans Go!) and pushed it HARD, perhaps web animation, web series, something, they would be really expanding their money making opportunity. Go buy it! Buy! Buy! Buy!


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