Review: Booster Gold:  Future’s End #1

Booster travels across multiple earths in the multiverse.  His multiverse hopping is triggered by an unseen force that has captured him and is trying to torture him into taking him to the Vanishing Point.  Another version of Booster and his sister appear along the way and attempt to help out, but we are left with Booster seemingly in the losing end of things.  Rabid speculators will probably eat the content of this issue up.  Others, may leave feeling a bit less happy.

Booster FE 1_2Positives

Booster is hooping around to several earths of varying familiarity in the multiverse.  Though personally if you can’t recognize at least the Gaslight world in this issue, I question your ability to handle the multiverse, but I digress.  Multiverse tales are typically fairly fun and the art switching between worlds feels right and the artists feel at home in each world they are working in.  The issue feels like a lot of fun.

NegativesBooster FE 1_1

What’s actually going on here?  This is easily one of the least straightforward of all the Future’s End tie-ins, which is not helped by it apparently being a follow-up to a JLI annual that is about two years old.  Aside from the statement “someone is torturing Booster to get to the Vanishing Point, which he agrees to,” nothing really happens here.  This is supposedly tied in to an event next year, and possibly also Futures End, but we are left no more enlightened about these events than when we started.  Someone is getting access to the Vanishing Point, and it’s hard to connect to that until we know who it is.

The Verdict

Booster Gold: Futures End #1 is about as vague as things can get, and it unfortunately doesn’t leave a lot for us to say about it.  We’re left to assume things about a lot of variables that won’t be answered for who knows how long.  Right now, it feels less like an interesting mystery and more like being just plain withholding.  And if you dislike vague teases, you probably better knock a Daily Planet off this score.