Stunt Work revealed for the Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

by Damian Fasciani
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Batman: Arkham Knight is coming June this year, one of the most highly anticipated games for 2015! March 2014 the explosive CGI trailer was released creating a storm of hype across the internet. Now we get to see a quick inside look at the making of the trailer, and it’s stunt work.

Batman Arkham Knight Stunt Work

You will see work first hand from stunt coordinator Philip Silvera, and Blur Studio including director Tim Miller. The stunt work shown is based on the fight scene after Batman launches himself out of the Batmobile. Two-Face is shooting at the Batmobile which comes raging down the street towards the gun fight between Gotham thugs and Gordon’s men.

Arkham Knight Stunt Work

Just as Batman launches himself out of the Batmobile, he lands in the middle of a host of thugs and easily takes them all out with hand to hand combat skills like no other. The realistic animation in the trailer comes down to the stunt work, fight sequences, and awesome directing.

Sit back and check out the stunt work here


Here is the original Trailer to enjoy once again





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