Review: Arrow Episode 11 “Midnight City”

by David Hestand III
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This week on Arrow, Brick further advanced his plan and the modified Team Arrow did what it could to hold him off.  Even with minimal Oliver time, everything combined to make another quite enjoyable episode of Arrow.

On the Oliver front we got a interesting mix of events.  First, Maseo attempted to protect Oliver and Tatsu, which led to he and Tatsu killing off multiple League members.  Maseo was willing to lie for Oliver, but at the same time it was revealed that Thea’s new DJ (who has barely been present at all) is working as a spy for him.

The remaining members of Team Arrow continued to struggle against Brick, but it managed several enjoyable moments.  The team did their best to fight back, but an emotional failure nearly made them all nearly call it quits.  And Felicity came back to bring Team Arrow back.  But don’t give her all the credit, as that really belongs with Ray Palmer.  By episode’s end, they managed to save some kidnapped aldermen, but Brick was still at large.


Roy and Laurel had many excellent moments this week.  Their response to Brick killing a hostage was excellent, as it highlighted their “greenness” in multiple ways.  Their comeback to fight Brick in the end was especially good as they managed to save the hostages, but that by no means meant they really hurt Brick.  Plus, Laurel’s combat struggles should appease some of the obnoxious cries against her taking the mantle.  Roy even got an excellent seen as the protective (ex) boyfriend with Malcolm.

Tatsu and Maseo.  They are a great pair, and I am on pins and needles waiting to see if Tatsu will be coming to the city with Oliver.

As excellent a villain as Brick is, Ray was the biggest highlight for the week.  Not only did he inadvertently bring Team Arrow back together, but he brought in some excellent humor.  Ray has been a great addition to the show, but he has quickly almost grown past that.  This is a character that can definitely hold down his own show, and I would love to see that happen.


Must we perpetuate this “Sara is alive” nonsense!  I get the reasoning, which Laurel is somewhat justified in, but her showing up to talk in person was just too far for me.  Hopefully this ruse doesn’t make it past next week.

Can someone please explain whether or not Oliver was dead?  Because if he wasn’t and “Will to live and the cold” is what we’re going with, that is one of the most absurd things I have encountered in my life.  Arrow writers are better than that.  Hopefully they will give us a true explanation.

I know Oliver is headed back now, but I sincerely hope he plays no part in actually defeating Brick.  That will completely undercut the arc so far for me, so I’m hoping he shows up just after the titular uprising we will get next week.

The Verdict

Arrow yet again showed that its supporting players are a top-notch team.  Hopefully their efforts truly get to pay off in next week’s uprising.


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