Cast of DC Legends of Tomorrow Talk About Season 2

by Hillary Weiss
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Contains Season One Spoilers
It took a whole season to defeat the almost impossible Vandal Savage in season one and now it is time for a new villain in the upcoming season.

The cast and producers give us teasers to what is to come in the next season. Producer Marc Guggenheim recently said that there will be an even bigger and badder villain. The cast does not know which villains will be in the next season, but they did have something to say about the direction the show will be taking.

Caity Lots, Sara Lance/White Canary, talked to DC All Access:

“There really is gonna be a big shakeup of everything for Season 2. It’s gonna be a little bit of a different show, which I’m excited to see where they’re gonna go with it.”

She also talking about mixing the cast members with appearances on Arrow and/or The Flash and also having those characters appear on DC Legends.

Brandon Routh, The Atom, also gave his response to the new season:

“It might be more like on the show Flash and Arrow where we have a couple smaller villains that come in. There will be a season-long nemesis, but he’ll come and go throughout the season, so we don’t always have to be focused solely on that.”

A villain every week will be a refreshing mix up from the previous Vandal Savage that lasted the whole season.

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