Carly Pope Joins Arrow for Season 5

by J. Brent Stewart
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Popular alum joins cast as journalist Susan Williams.

TV Insider is reporting that actress Carly Pope will join the cast of the CW’s Arrow for season 5. Pope is set to play Susan Williams, a name which will bring a response of “…who?” to the lips of comic fans the world over.

As TV Insider goes on to explain, in “the comics”, Susan Williams is married to Jim Jordan.

Again, “…who?”

Well, I’ll tell you who! Jim Jordan is apparently Hal Jordan’s brother!


No, I didn’t know that Hal Jordan had a brother either. Don’t feel bad.

So, could the emergence of presumptive future fan favorite Susan Williams signal Ollie’s eventual meet up with Hal? Will the Hard Travelling Heroes finally unite onscreen?

Or, given the previously announced Season 5 additions of obscurities such as Wild Dog and Vigilante, are Arrow’s producers simply throwing darts at old issues of “Who’s Who” to select new characters for the show?  Tune in to Season 5 to find out!

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