Preview: Gotham 3×07-Red Queen

by Sean Blumenshine
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In the next episode of Gotham, Gordon is drugged by the Mad Hatter while Nygma explores his new relationship.


Gotham is already an insane show so I cannot wait to see Gordon on a drug trip. It’s a beautifully shot show so I am also excited to see what these visions are like visually. I’m incredibly stoked for this episode. The relationship between Gordon and Mad Hatter has been the most interesting dynamic between a hero and a villain on this show; it’s captivating. I might even say it’s the best dynamic between a hero and villain on any of the current DC shows.

Mad Hatter also seems to be going after Penguin for some reason. I am curious if he is trying to take over the city because he mainly seems concerned with vengeance against Gordon.

The episode will deal with Ms. Kringle’s doppelganger. I hope she actually is Kringle resurrected by Hugo Strange at Arkham and not a relative or something. I also am not excited about a love triangle with these two and Penguin.



In this preview, Erin Richards and Benedict Samuel discuss the main plot of the episode which is Gordon’s drug trip. According to Richards, Barbara is the representation of Gordon’s psyche which is absolutely hilarious. The visions are going to make Gordon face things about himself that he may not want to. Parts of last season along with the first two episodes of this season really turned me off Gordon. I just wasn’t liking him or even finding him interesting. However, the last two episodes really changed that around. This is probably the most interesting he has ever been and I am actually really invested in what happens to him.

This preview also reveals that Mad Hatter blames the city as well as Gordon for his sister’s death so he is going after the city which explains why he’s attacking Penguin.



In this behind the scenes clip, Robin Lord Taylor and Corey Michael Smith discuss the relationship between Penguin and Nygma. There is a small preview for the next episode as well. As one could predict, Penguin is jealous of the Kringle doppelganger and tries to ruin the relationship. It might potentially be interesting but love triangles are typically dull and irritating in superhero material so we will have to wait and see.

“Red Queen” airs Monday October 31 at 8:00 Eastern Time on Fox.

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