Preview: Gotham 3×08-Blood Rush

by Sean Blumenshine
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On the next episode of Gotham, Gordon rejoins the police force as Barnes succumbs to the effects of Alice’s blood.



I am glad that something is finally happening with Barnes. The infection has been a little drawn out so I am curious to see where it will go and it gives us a nice excuse to keep Mad Hatter around which is always welcome.

The trailer also shows Nygma being haunted by visions of Kringle. Or I assume that they are visions. I hope something happens with this story soon and I hope that Isabella doesn’t look like Kringle just because the producers wanted to use the actress again. I want there to be something to it whether it’s the result of a Hugo Strange experiment or not.

“Blood Rush” airs Monday November 7 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time on Fox.

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