Review: Titans #7

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Dan Abnett
Pencils: Lee Weeks

In the aftermath of an intense battle with an unknown adversary, Flash, Arsenal, and Wonder Girl opt to have a little bit of downtime after the battle. That is, until Superman shows up! The Man of Steel seemed to be late to help, but when he hints that he remembers Wally, the Flash takes off after Superman for answers!

Abnett and Weeks really give us a throwback look when we witness Wally and Clark race one more time. After the events of Rebirth, the pre-New 52 Superman returned and so did Wally. No one really remembers Wally here in this universe, so when Superman mentions his name it makes sense that he’d want some answers. Superman is being the typical boy scout in this issue as he’s assuring Wally that even though this isn’t their exact universe as they remember, it doesn’t mean they can’t make new memories here. This issue seemed to be more about reassuring Wally that he wasn’t alone in his feelings, and also to confirm that he’s right about something being wrong with the timeline.

The issue has moments where it suffers from pacing and I found myself ready to move on from Mal and Bumblebee’s personal issues in its few pages, but I think Abnett might be using them for a future issue as they seemed to be getting deceived by a unknown person. I hope next issue Abnett brings this to light a little more because it comes off in this issue as if he just put them in for no purpose at all.

Titans #7 was a decent issue but seemed to be more about reassuring Wally than anything else. I hate to pick apart Wally’s character in this series but I hate how he doubts himself seemingly in every issue. Where’s the cocky and funny Wally West I was fascinated with some years ago? I’m making the excuse that maybe because he’s so focused on getting his life back with Linda that we haven’t seen the Wally we really know and love yet, and hopefully this is the very reason. If it’s not then I really hope that Wally gets an attitude adjustment sometime soon.

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