Review: Deadman and The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Sarah Vaughn
Pencils: Lan Medina

Boston Brand is still trapped in Glencourt mansion thanks to a mysterious dark entity. He and another ghost name Adelia are seeking answers for escape, when another revelation is made! The only person that can see Boston and Adelia is a young woman named Berenice who’s more linked to the old Glencourt mansion than she knows!

Sarah Vaughn finally puts it all out there in this issue! We finally see the connection between Adelia and the dark entity of the mansion! It was a connection that I never saw coming and although I had my suspicions at some point, I was never fully 100 percent certain. Vaughn did a good job of hiding the reveal until towards the end of the book. We also get a great look into the history of the mansion as well, and although Vaughn did that previously, this time its more in depth, and the answers left me speechless.

I don’t have any negatives about this issue since Vaughn does a great job of answering all of the questions I had about Berenice, and especially the Glencourt mansion. At the very end of the book, Boston Brand hears another call for help and leaves Berenice outside the ruins of the house, off to help another person or trapped spirit. It was touching but almost sad to see Adelia move onwhile Boston could not. Rather than spend a moment in sadness however, he takes off to help someone else. I thought that in itself was very admirable.

Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #3 is a great read, but definitely pick up the previous issues before reading this one. Sarah Vaughn answers everything in this issue, and the action is pretty good too. I look forward to seeing exactly where Boston went to in his next issue. I was never really a fan of Deadman–when it comes to the supernatural I’ve always like John Constantine, however Sarah Vaughn has made me embrace Deadman more. I can’t wait to see how the next issue starts up!

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