Review: Deathstroke #12

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Joe Bennett

Deathstroke has finally escaped the Supermax prison thanks to The Red Lion! However, all is not what it seems. Deathstroke knows there was more than just a friendly favor to this breakout–what is Red Lion’s plan and how does it involve Deathstroke?

Priest does a great story here that pretty much plays catch up with everyone in Slade’s Wilson’s life. Rose has an excellent side story with Hosun, a guy that used to work with Slade. The exchange between the two I found quite funny. I’m actually enjoying seeing Rose away from Slade and out of the uniform. I hope she crosses paths with her father again eventually but for these last few issues she’s been slowly finding herself, and I’ve been enjoying her solo journey so far. Slade Wilson seems to turn into a detective in this issue and I enjoyed it. It’s issues like these that make you realize how he and Batman can be such rivals. Priest shows Slade as a mercenary, anti-hero, and detective in this issue and it works perfectly.

I really don’t have anything negative about this issue. The pacing is solid and not forced, and although Priest has you going back and forth between the stories of Slade, Rose, and Slade’s son Joe–it doesn’t feel like too much is going on. We also get a look into how Slade found about Chicago murders from the last issue and I thought that was a real treat to read.


Deathstroke #12 is a good read. I’d recommend reading at least the previous two issues before diving into this one however. Priest tells a good story and along with Joe Bennett’s art it just gets better. Bennett’s detail of characters and background is amazing and I look forward to seeing more in later books.

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