Review: Deathstroke: #16

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Priest
Pencils: Carlo Pagulayan

Slade Wilson is blind! As the assassin for hire attempts to take down an assassin who’s kidnapped a friend, just how will Slade cope with being blind? By relying on man’s best friend!

This was a great story that was told by Priest in this issue. Immediately picking up where the last issue left off, Slade Wilson finds himself pretending to be a hero. Attempting to save the life of diplomat, the assassin turned hero runs into Deadline — another “colleague.” I love how Priest takes us through Slade’s induction into The Society, as Deadline tells Slade he’ll be sure to bring up Slade’s interference at the next meeting! That part made me laugh.

I really had no negatives about this story. There’s plenty of action, and we also get to see Slade’s good nature to a degree. Although he’s a villain who works for the highest bidder, Priest doesn’t hesitate to show us that there’s more than just one side to Slade Wilson.

Overall Deathstroke #16 was a good read. Slade really shows us how adaptive he is in this book as well. It’s amazing how when faced with all of the obstacles in front of him Slade still finds away to overcome! I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue!

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