[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Stjepan Sejic

Covers: Otto Schmidt, Whilce Portacio, Alex Sinclair



Waller searches for a new leader by interviewing each squad member.

Review: Suicide Squad #20


Although there was not much action in this issue, it was a fantastic story of character building. After Flag’s death last issue, it was clear that Waller needed a new leader. But who do you promote amongst a group of crazies and psychos? That’s what made this issue so interesting. You didn’t really know what direction she was going in, and who she was going to choose, at least, not until the very end. One by one each squad member gave their reasons why they should be leader or why they shouldn’t.  I mean, Field Marshall Boomerang has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Another rather interesting point to make was Waller sitting back and seemingly enjoying watching Harley destroy some of her guards. It almost seems that Waller falls to new lows each issue, but its moments like these that make her character so compelling and give her so much depth.

It wasn’t just the leader search that made this issue interesting. In the secondary story of this issue, we see June and Croc sharing some romantic times together, and June going after a job. Let’s just say killers don’t handle rejection very well, but all in all this was a great story between the two. Beautifully written, and really makes you hope that these crazy kids make it.

The art in this issue was stellar, and absolutely gorgeous. Every page looked great and vibrant with colours. By far the best looking page was the first. Anytime you have a beautiful full colour page of Katana is a good day.

Review: Suicide Squad #20


No real negatives to mention.

Review: Suicide Squad #20


A fantastic book that truly stands out. The ending was a great cliff-hanger, and who knows, we might have actually met someone whose even worse then Waller.


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