Review: Red Hood & The Outlaws #12

by Derek McNeil
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

Reviewed By: Derek McNeil



THE LIFE OF BIZARRO” part one! Bizarro’s final days are upon us! As Red Hood and the Outlaws rush home to Gotham City in an effort to save Bizarro’s life, a new threat is unleashed in the form of Solomon Grundy! Can the Outlaws stop Grundy’s rampage without their most powerful member? Who unleashed the monster in the first place? And can Grundy be defeated in time to save Bizarro from certain death? Find out in the start of a brand new adventure!



It is quite odd, but somewhat befitting his backwards nature, for longtime Superman villain Bizarro to die a hero. I also like how the title “The Life of Bizarro” tells us in a similar backwards manner that this is the story of his death.

It is touching to see how Red Hood and Artemis have come to see Bizarro as a friend rather than just as a tragic monster to be pitied. Likewise, a transformation can be seen in Bizarro himself. Although he still speaks rather simplistically, he now speaks in a straightforward manner instead of in opposites.

I also like the parallels between Bizarro’s death and the classic Death of Superman storyline from the 90s. First off, the cover clearly refers to the classic symbol used in that story, but with the S-shield reversed to make it Bizarro’s symbol.

Also interesting is the choice of Solomon Grundy as the villain in Bizarro’s last fight. There is a similarity to Doomsday in that they are both destructive forces, but there is also much similarity between Grundy and Bizarro himself. Both have a somewhat childlike intellect, and Grundy has been somewhat reformed at different points in his history as well.

Grundy also has died and come back a number of times over the years. Hopefully, Bizarro will come back as well, just as Superman returned from the dead.



This is a quite touching story and I can’t find much at fault with it – unless they decide to leave Bizarro dead, which I feel would be a big mistake. However, the appearance of Lex Luthor, who created Bizarro may mean that Bizarro may not be gone for good.



This story shows a unique tender side to tough guy Jason Todd. I wouldn’t want to see Jason become less of a badass, but it’s good to see that that isn’t all there is to the character. This Rebirth title shows that Rebirth isn’t just about returning the DCU to its pre-Flashpoint state, but also about providing quality stories that build on elements introduced in the New 52 era.



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