Review: Cyborg #18

by Steven Brown
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[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers!]

Writer: John Semper Jr.

Pencils: Will Conrad



Cyborg is finally back in the real world! He would be happy to be back, except he’s fighting an invasion from Aldous– a mechanical servant of Anomaly who has an army of machines ready to destroy Detroit!


John Semper Jr. did a good job of dealing with Cyborg’s personal issues in this particular book. Within the last few issues, Cyborg has been dealing with identity issues with himself, trying to figure out where he fits as a son, a hero, and even as a member of the Justice League. Semper Jr. has Cyborg finally coming to terms with who he is, and he even reconciles with his father as well.


My only complaint with this issue was that some parts were too “convienent” for Cyborg. By that I mean that right in the middle of an invasion while by surrounded and almost overcome, Black Narcissus, also a hero of Detroit, arrives suddenly to save him. Exxy just appears as well ready to lend a hand. I have no problems with either of these characters, especially Exxy, however I preferred Cyborg either handling the fight alone or at least showing these two supporting characters fighting the invasion on their own terms.


I enjoyed Cyborg #18 and I’m looking forward to the next issue! Victor finally has his life figured out and I’m eager to see where things go from here for him! Throughout these few books Semper Jr. has had Victor struggle within himself for identity and this issue ended that struggle perfectly!


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