[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Xermanico

Colors: J. Nanjan



Batman discovers more heroes he can recruit in the battle against Ra’s al Ghul, but first he’s going to have to rescue them from the Phantom Zone. That means a trip to the abandoned Fortress of Solitude—which may not be as free of occupants as Batman thought.





Without the levity that Plastic Man brings to this book, Injustce 2 could easily become too heavy at times.  This issue drags up a lot of the past which tends to bring things down as Superman’s crimes from Injustice: Gods Among Us are revisited as well as Batman’s failures so far in this series.

Plastic Man’s power set and personality has always led to humor in his stories.  This issue is no exception.  In this series it provides an important buffer to the emotional gravitas that permeates Injustice 2.  Sometimes, Plastic Man works better on his own, but he’s very much needed in a series like this.


While the Batman/Ra’s conflict provides some gray areas, the loss of life and chaos resulting from Superman’s regime cast a pallor on much of the emotional content.  Ma and Pa Kent’s inclusion brings about a personal, understandable connection that plays strongly as both Batman and the Kent’s admit their own blame in what happened with Clark.  Despite believing they are part of the problem, it’s still possible to see them as the good parents they’ve always been depicted to be.


There is a point in this issue where the heroes seem as if they are about to be mired in hopelessness, and there is an overarching sense that Batman will eventually fail and this world will fall into an even deeper abyss.  This is a troubling notion that could color the enjoyment of the series over future issues.




This issue utilizes emotions from an angry Oliver to self-doubting Ma and Pa Kent to tell the story.  While it’s not looking good for Batman and his allies, it doesn’t feel like it’s gotten completely away from them.  However, they’ve got to have a real win soon, otherwise it may be too late for the human race.  Ra’s plans keep escalating as Batman and team seem to be clutching at straws.


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