Unless Fired, Chris McKay is here to stay as “Nightwing” Director

by Ari Bard
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Unless he is fired by the studio, Chris McKay assured fans that he will not be leaving Nightwing.  This comes after Joss Whedon became the newest big name director to leave the DCEU when he announced he was leaving the Batgirl solo film last week.  This now makes almost 12 filmakers who have left DCEU projects since its creation in 2014 due to creative differences or scheduling conflicts.

After Whedon’s departure, the DCEU seems to be in deep trouble as it rushes to find a replacement and sign Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis onto Flashpoint.  Luckily, despite rumours that Chris McKay was leaving Nightwing for a chance to direct a Dungeons & Dragons adaptation by paramout pictures, Chris McKay assured on Twitter he was here to stay.   Fans were concerned as the Dungeons & Dragons release date appears to be in 2021 around the time of Nightwings’s release.

McKay has been attached to Nightwing since last February, and things are off to a shaky start.  There has been no word on any casting, plot, or release decisions.  With this much uncertainty, fans are lucky that McKay isn’t planning on leaving.  Unfortunately, however, Dick Grayson may not debut on the big screen for another five years or more.  Hopefully we receive more news soon.

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