DC Streaming Service Launch Date Revealed

by Christian Ruiz
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Looking to enter the streaming revolution, DC Entertainment is rushing full steam ahead on its internet-based streaming service. In a recent interview with DC Community Manager, Dani Snow, on the podcast, James Bonding, multiple aspects of the service were revealed as well as speculated release dates.

Snow began by calling the service “a hub for all things DC” she followed up by saying that not only films, tv series, and original content will be available but comics as well. Marvel has run a similar digital comic service since 2007. Snow went on to remark that the service would launch with the majority of DC’s back catalog of digital films and series.

While a release date has not officially been announced and will most likely be saved for San Diego Comic Con’s famed Hall H, Snow did say a late August release is scheduled. Such a timeline would put the date between August 20th-27th. Previously D.C. confirmed the first original series on the service, Titans, would premier and run completely alone, that would put the next series Young Justice in a release area in the middle of November, as showrunner Greg Wiesman stated.

Notably, Snow spoke on another original series for the service, Swamp Thing. The series has been skimp on details as she was not sure if any casting has occurred however she did classify the series as a “horror title” and was surprised on the initial internet response and popularity the series has garnered. This leaves the door open for mature content on the service and not just the animated shows or shows skewed for a younger audience.

With so much riding on a new aspect of DC, media fans are excited to get more details and finally find out when they can sign up. How much are you willing to pay for the service? What back-lot items do you want to see?

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