Major buzz exploded out of DC today as Geoff Johns announced he was stepping down as CCO of DC Entertainment.  This would normally be a major blow to the DC brand, but Johns then announced he would stay on to write and produce new projects for Warner Bros under his new, solo production company, Mad Ghost Productions.

His first order of business?  To bring the Green Lantern Corps and everything associated with it to life on the big screen under the DCEU banner for Warner Bros.  Johns announced that Mad Ghost Productions is beginning to write and produce the Green Lantern Corps movie.

Johns stated that the two main protagonists for the Green Lantern Corps movie would be none other than Hal Jordan and John Stewart with Mad Ghost looking for a younger actor to portray John Stewart in the film.

This is major and exciting and exciting news for all DC fans as Johns is the man who made the Green Lantern mythos and characters what we know them to be today. He has been considered the “Father of the Green Lanterns” after his extensive work spanning nine years writing the Green Lantern comic books, most notably the series that redefined the entire Green Lantern Corps and its universe, Blackest Night.

This announcement by Geoff Johns today is no doubt one of the most exciting to come out of DC Entertainment. There is no doubt that Mad Ghost Productions, under the leadership of Geoff Johns, will make the Green Lantern Corps an amazing event. This news finally brings a movie that had little buzz surrounding it, that was seemingly stuck in its “blackest night” into its “brightest day.”

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