Where are the Lanterns?

That’s the question many DC fans have been echoing since the beginning of DC Films with Man of Steel in 2013.  The fans have been clamoring for it, rumormongering over it and just downright needing to see the emotional spectrum in full force on the big screen.  Well, new plans have surfaced for the Green Lantern Corps in the DCEU.


In June, Geoff Johns stepped down from his executive role with DC Films and returned to what he loves, a creative role inside DC Comics and as head writer for the Green Lantern Corps movie.  Recently, Johns has called the Green Lantern Corps movie as “a complete re-imagining” of the characters he knows better than anyone.

Johns spoke with IGN at SDCC and emphasized that the Green Lantern Corps script is still in its very early stages.

“I’m going to be hopefully delivering a script that Warner loves and DC likes and they want to make it”  Johns explained, saying it’s “going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way.”


With Geoff Johns writing the script, there is no doubt that Green Lantern Corps is a high priority for DC Films as Johns is the top writer and creative talent inside DC.  Originally, Green Lantern Corps was destined for a 2020 release and a supposed “buddy cop” film, but after Johns’ comments, it’s hard to think that the movie will be close to ready by then.

The Green Lanterns and entire Lantern mythology is one of the most famous and popular inside not just DC Comics but the comic book world as well.  After the failure of 2011’s Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds, Warner Bros, and DC Films, are not taking any chances with this film; which is why DC put the “Father of the Lantern Corps” at the helm of the creative process for this important film.

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