Birds Of Prey May Take Place In A Bat-less Gotham City

by Rob Towsey
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News broke this week that Birds of Prey had cast Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress. Now it appears we may have some news relating to Batman’s role in the movie.

Deadline have reported that Birds of Prey will take place in a Gotham City that “isn’t protected by Batman”. According to @DanielRPK he has heard that there’s a line in the script that references Batman’s absence from Gotham City for two years.

Although not officially confirmed, it would come as no surprise if this proves to be the case. We all know that Ben Affleck’s future as Batman is potentially in doubt, that coupled with his own personal situation right now makes this not particularly difficult to believe.

If Birds of Prey does take place in a Bat-less Gotham, then there must be some sort of comment made referencing his absence. It could be that reason for his absence will be left open for future projects to explain why, leaving a sense of mystery throughout Birds of Prey.

Either way, how do you feel about Birds of Prey taking place in a Bat-less Gotham?

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