Shazam Comes To The Rescue Of Captain Marvel

Fanboys and internet trolls are a way of life and if you enter the superhero genera of movies and TV they are inevitable.  For the past 10-years Marvel has experienced the luxury of not having to face any angry wrath of negative reviews from either set, until now.

Recently, the internet and Rotten Tomatoes has faced the wrath of angry fanboys and trolls over their latest entry into the MCU in Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson.  Captain Marvel is the first female led entry into the MCU and has been championed as the strongest hero in the Marvel Universe.  Brie Larson, the star of Captain Marvel, has always been a very vocal champion of more diversity inside film journalism.  This has not set well with “fans” as Captain Marvel has recorded the lowest “want to see” rating out of any MCU movie on Rotten Tomatoes.  Through all of this a new hero has arrived, a reasonable adult that has stood up and told angry people posting negativity of the MCU star’s gender to “Knock it off!”

That hero is DC’s Captain Marvel, YES, Shazam himself Zachary Levi has come forward and posted a video saying that these shenanigans to discredit a movie, starring a woman, need to stop because they are not helping anyone out.  The video, which runs about two-minutes in length, is posted on Levi’s Instagram and Twitter account, explains that this level of ignorance is not necessary.

“For anyone out there who thinks you’re doing me a favor or Shazam! a favor, or you’re doing Warner Bros [a favor], you’re not…this is not helping anyone or anything”

Levi, whom looking frustrated and confused that someone had to make the comments that he made, went on to say that “there is no comparison” and “there is no conspiracy” just because Shazam used to be called Captain Marvel before any cinematic universes or Rotten Tomatoes even existed.

“Anyone out there who’s holding onto some bone like they need to pick a side and pick a fight is sorely mistaken.  Don’t go and engage in that type of behavior anymore.”

Levi stetted that these tactics are “bottom of the barrel” and any attempt to discredit or defame someone is “just sad”.

Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t often persuade or discourage viewers from seeing any movies as Captain Marvel continues to test well.

Captain Marvel opens on March 8th while Shazam! opens on April 5th

Jeff Testanero

Hartford, Connecticut based blogger and podcaster. Graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and serious comic book collector for the past 20+ years Diehard Superman fanboy